5 Reasons I Like August

Aug 8, 2012
1. Athletics at the London Games
I have been glued to the TV since the beginning of the track and field competitions. It is completely thrilling to watch the athletes run, jump and throw with such agility and grace. I specially enjoy watching how the statuesque female athletes express their personality through stylish details.

2. Making gazpacho
This is the easiest thing to prepare and it is deliciously refreshing and full of flavors. Here's one of my favorite recipes:

3. The sound of summer, aka the crickets
I don't know anything about The Freshmen's crickets. This is simply the cutest way I had to express my joy of hearing the crickets sing on a hot summer day. I'm sure you'll be thankful that I did not show you a picture of a real cricket, trust me their not the most photogenic individual.

 4. Corn, baby corn
Sweet corn, loads of butter and pinch of salt, need I say more?

 5. Summer storms
I would never trade a hot and humid summer for long rainy days but once you've had a prolonged heat wave, a nice storm is usually more than welcome. I am utterly charmed by the sound of the rain and the smell of the city after a storm. It makes me feel like a kid again!
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