Day O-5! Vintage Olympic Fashion

Jul 22, 2012
Femina Magazine, 1912. Olympic tennis champion, Ms Broquedis
I don't usually post on Sundays. But this is no usual Sunday because it marks the 5 day countdown to London 2012.

I am seriously excited about the Olympics. I think you might have noticed it in previous posts, here and here.

To kick start my Olympics Special, I have decided to do some time traveling. Yes indeed. Today, we will go back to the early days of the Modern Olympics.

Weren't they fabulous?

Danish gymnasts in 1908 for the London Olympics 

Gymnast at the 1908 London Olympics
Archères at 1908 at the 1908 London Olympics 
Cyclists at the 1908 London Olympics
A gymnastic display given by the Swedish Gymnastic Association to precede the football final at Wembley Stadium, 1948
The 1908 Great Britain team that won gold by beating Denmark 2-0 in the final
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