How To Apply Self-Tanner

Jun 12, 2012
Sun bathers from the 1950
Do you sometimes envy the sun worshipers of the past? Do you wish you could have their nice sunny glow?

But these days, you dread applying self-tanner. You wonder how to avoid an orange fiasco. And you feel lost when it comes to choosing the proper sun tan for your budget.

Here are a few pieces of advice.

I have learned to apply self-tanner with the help of a friend who works at a well-respected beauty counter. Here are the tips she graciously offered me in order to achieve a flawless sun tan application:

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate to remove dead skin and help minimize streaks and dark creases.

2. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the targeted area to prepare the skin for an even application of the self-tanner. Be extra careful with the ankles, the knees or the elbows, which tend to be on the dry side.

3. Apply self-tanner lotion/gel the same way you would apply moisturizer. Apply it sparingly on the top of your feet but avoid applying it on your toes or on your heels.

4. Once you are done, wash your hands thoroughly without forgetting to brush your nails to avoid orange hands disaster.

To that, I might add another advice: take your time! It takes time and dedication to apply self-tanner the proper way, so put on some music, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the moment!

Now, here are my favorite picks in three different price range:

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer $9CAD
Not only is this affordable but it is also very moisturizing on the skin.

Avène Autobrozant $27CAD
This one gives a natural glow and does not contain any harsh chemical, which is perfect for sensitive skin.

This cream is silky soft and it offers a nice golden tan. Plus, it is slightly colored, so you know exactly where you have applied it.

Which self-tanners do you use or love?

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