L'Odyssée de Cartier: An Inspiring Journey

Mar 29, 2012

With the overload of insipid images we are subjected to on a daily basis, not a lot of ads tend to capture our imagination nowadays.

But every now and then, something grand, beautiful and magical comes along and brings elegance, class and sensibility to our eyes. This unique moment becomes a real feast for the senses.

This is exactly what Cartier achieved with an extravagant ad recently aired on an American television network to celebrate its 165th anniversary. The ad lasts three and a half minutes and takes us on an adventure around the world from Paris to Moscow and on to China. It cost 4 millions Euros, took 60 people and over two years to be completed. And it is simply breathtaking!

Is this the beginning of a new trend in advertising? I don't think so but wouldn't be great if it was?


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