Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy International Cat Day!

Did you know that today is the International Cat Day? To celebrate this very unique occasion, I thought I'd match my nail polish to my dear William. The only thing is that...for now I can't really tell if he's pleased about it?


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Palladium boots

There are many things that I prefer to forget about high school like the dreadful gym classes, the countless fashion experiments, the weird friends and the first break up. But there are also a few good memories I cherish like wearing my first pair of Palladium shoes.

Growing up I had the opportunity to study in Europe at a French Lycée. On my first day of school, I remember being surprised by the impressive number of boys and girls wearing the iconic rubber and canvas shoes. First created for the French military, Palladium was, during my high school years, THE footwear brand to covet. I soon bought a pair of fun slip-on ballet flats in red that I wore every single day to school!

So it's was cool to recently re-discover the brand, its most famous boots as well as its latest designs. These days, I enjoy taking weekend strolls with this comfortable pair of nubuck leather boots from their waterproof Pampa line. I find the dark hue and the design quite sleek and stylish. Aren't they cute?


Photo credit: Denis Vayer

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dainty Jewellery

I have never gone quite big on bling. Yes, I have a few statement necklaces that I love to pull out every now and then. 

But I much prefer classic and dainty pieces you can wear everyday, whether you are lounging at home or dressed to the nines. I just like the subtlety, the simplicity, and the sophistication of delicate jewellery. Worn alone or layered, these pieces are so light and comfortable that they can easily become part of one's signature style.

I am pretty thrilled to have recently found new chic, versatile (and affordable) jewellery pieces that go with everything in my wardrobe. Here are the latest dainty additions to my jewellery collection: 

Rope ring from 
Myel, a Montreal-based brand created by designer Myriam Elie

Double pearl ring from 
Bettyray, a jewellery e-shop launched in Montreal by two
cousins, Emmie and Tara
Xo necklace from Quebec Etsy shop
Sweetheart Jewelry Box owned by Amanda Reis

Happy shopping!
Hope you'll find inspiring pieces...


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Black & Blue

Now that autumn is in full swing and that black is back in force, I have been tempted to add some royal blue pieces in my wardrobe to create another kind of seasonal uniform. There is something about combining these two shades that brings spark to a look while adding a touch of understated elegance. Of course, it was the perfect occasion to wear my black wool cape and the latest addition to my hat collection, this charming wide-brimmed fedora with a slim leather band.

My love for dresses has been well documented on my blog (like here, here or here). I just have a thing for pretty dresses. Some women collect jeans; I prefer dresses. It's the first thing I notice in a store, on the street or in a window. I just have a massive fondness for dresses. I have found this one on the Montreal-based website New Social Class (NSC). I knew they had a nice collection of dainty and statement jewellery pieces from brilliant designers, but I didn't know they also had a sassy clothing selection. Obviously, my eyes spotted one of the few dresses available on their website. It's the royal blue shade as well as the flirty skater shape that first caught my attention. I also like the fitted waistline and the flowing hem of the skirt, it's so playful and feminine. 

To complete the look, I chose a few on trend jewellery pieces from NSC: a striking double pearl necklace à la Dior, a delicate evil eye bracelet, a fun Swarovski encrusted ring and a bold world map cuff. 

Dress: NSC Ride along dress designed by Stylestalke/ hat: Urban Outfitters / cape: Forever 21 (old) / 
shoes: Whistles (old) / braceletNSC Nazer bracelet designed by Jennifer Zeuner  / 
cuff: NSC World cuff designed by Artelier NSC / necklace: NSC Pearl necklace 

A special thanks to M Salon for the killer grey manucure!

Photo credit: Denis Vayer

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RIP Oscar De La Renta

Oscar de la Renta, one of my favourite designers of all time, has passed away at 82. It's with sublime elegance, sumptuous details, ever-feminine designs, exquisite embroideries and luscious colours that I will remember him. RIP Mr. de la Renta.

Image source: Pinterest

Monday, October 20, 2014


In front of the Montreal Artemano store...back in the days when it was hot and humid
When it comes to interior design, I have a strong preference for contemporary decor with a soft neutral palette. 

But with a twist. 

As much I like contemporary pieces for their elegance and modern appeal, sometimes when put together, they can appear a bit cold and clinical. So to balance off chic minimalistic furniture, I like the idea of introducing wooden and oriental accents in a room. I just feel that adding a few rustic wood pieces and interesting Asian decor elements to a monochromatic room adds a great deal of warmth and personality.

When I recently furnished my apartment, I discovered Artemano, a Laval-based furniture company specialised in high quality exotic wood. Their stores are filled with beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces made out of reclaimed wood from India, Thailand and Indonesia. The old wood (either rosewood, suar, teak, mango or acacia) is re-purposed into various collections all exquisite for their unique aesthetic and fine craftsmanship.

To complete the decor, Artemano also has a nice collection of accessories such as stylish pierced metal lamps, ornate mirrors, hand carved buddha heads and exotic bedding collections. 

Here are the 5 favourite items I spotted when I last visited their Montreal store:

Buddha heads made of sandstone
Romy sideboard made of rosewood
Pieced metal cylinder hanging lamp with floral design
Large Romy cabinet made of rosewood
Tree trunk suar stool in silver
Have you familiar with this furniture brand? What are your favourite pieces?

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Photo credit: Artemano

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary Kyo!

I recently received an intriguing invitation to celebrate the first anniversary of Kyo, an upscale Japanese pub located underneath the Hotel Place d'Armes. Since I like a good comforting pub as much as I fancy Japanese food, I was thrilled to discover this unique kind of eatery and to experience the izakaya atmosphere.

What's an izakaya? Our charming host, Chef Terrence "Ding" Ting explained that it means "sake stay shop" and that it refers to these drinking establishments where customers can eat and share small plates of comfort food. It's a very laid back kind of watering holes where people go to relax after a long day at work. 

Our evening at Kyo started off with refreshing raspberry cocktails and an impressive assortments of mouth-watering sushis and sashimis. We also tasted other Japanese delicacies such as gyoza dumplings and jumbo fried shrimps with wasabi mayo. Everything was beautifully presented and just scrumptious.

To immerse ourselves deeply in the Japanese culture, three different stations had been put together for the guests to try. I first had the opportunity to learn how to make sushi rolls along with the Chef. I was carefully following his instructions until one point where I got caught up in a discussion with my fellow sushi makers and inadvertently put my avocados upside down! They were very good even though my rookie mistake.

Then, it was the sake tasting done by a sake expert who explained the history, the brewing methods, the distinctive flavours and the most distinguished labels. It was an enlightening session. The sake sommelier offered us to taste 4 different selections, some filtered, other unfiltered as well as sparkling sake for a more cosmopolitan taste. I even tried a lovely pink one, which was surprisingly delicious.

The last station was all about SHŌ'CHŪ, a hard liquor distilled from a variety of grains and vegetable. At Kyo, it is usually served with fresh fruits such as watermelon, lime or mango that you muddle and mix together. A friend offered me a sip from his drink without warning me about the fact that it is quite a strong cocktail. Be warned, this rare alcohol is not for the faint at heart! I don't think I have tried anything like it before. Even vodka appears like a mild liquor in comparison.

All in all, it was a memorable evening. I particularly enjoyed the cozy ambiance. There is something about the rich wooden furniture, the dim overhead lights and the welcoming staff that makes you want to unwind as you step into this pub. But what really stood out for me is the quality of the food. Although very simple, all the dishes were quite elegant and delightful. 

I look forward to coming back with a couple of friends, I'm sure they will get a kick out of it.

Photo credit: Naskademini
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